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Button Communicators with a variety of options that include one to three message devices, compact and portable vs. large activation surface, messages from 10 seconds to 3 minutes
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Big Button

Big Button is low profile and has 10 levels, 2 modes, 2 styles, & accessible to overlays

Big Button image



Big Button Plus

A Big Button with steps and levels: an additional 10 levels and an LCD indicating the activity and level

Big Button Plus image



Both Big Buttons with Go Talk Overlay Software

Big Button and Big Button Plus with Go Talk Overlay Software

Both Big Buttons with Go Talk Overlay Software image



BIGmack Communicator

The BigMack, ideal for those requiring a larger, easier to strike switch, now has improved sound quality, more recording time and more battery life.

BIGmack Communicator image



BIG Step-by-Step Communicator

Recommended for persons with visual impairments and persons with physical disabilities who require a switch with a larger target area

BIG Step-by-Step Communicator image


A single-message communication aid allowing natural-voice communication

The Chipper is a single-message communication aid. It utilizes digital recording technology to allow natural-voice communication. The Chipper has excellent sound quality and long battery life.
Chipper image




3 GoTalk Buttons

A single 10 second message handheld communication device

3 GoTalk Buttons image



iTalk2 Communicator

This dual message communicator gives users the freedom to choose between two activities, food choices, stories or two of anything else you can imagine

iTalk2 Communicator image


iTalk2 with Levels

Packed with all the features you love about the original iTalk2, with the power and convenience of three levels

iTalk2 with Levels


Record up to 3 messages for single message playback

The Lex has great sound quality and can be used anywhere for single-message augmentative or alternative communication. Recording on the Lex is easy and messages can be recorded in any order. While the Lex can be used as a stand-alone, easy-to-use communication aid, it was designed to be paired with TalkingMyWay Object Communication cards.

Lex image



LITTLEmack Communicator

The easy and affordable way to introduce voice output devices to beginning communicators, while teaching cause-and-effect

LITTLEmack Communicator image



LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels

Ideal for pre-recorded sequential messages to be used at specific times of the day or used on a regular basis

LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels image

Quick Start Communication Kit

Designed with assistive technology trainers and speech language pathologists in mind, this total communication kit includes everything needed to introduce teachers and students to voice output communication. The kit includes 3 of our most popular communicators, along with Making Connections, a terrific resource packed with ideas for increasing students' use of voice output devices. The handy foam-packed case makes this kit easy to move from school to school. Great for demos and workshops!

image of ablenet quick start communication kit


Play messages back in a random order

Record a series of messages and play them back in a random order! The Randomizer can be included in many activities throughout the day!
Randomizer image

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