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Pre-Voc One

10 basic work activities to teach basic work skills
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Ten basic work activities to teach basic work skills from reach and grasp to attending over time. Specific basic skills are introduced, but even more important (and easier to generalize) are basic work knowledge behaviors:

Skills and Behaviors

  • Attend to what's in front of you
  • Understand you can do something with the materials
  • Know there is a specific thing you are to do with the materials
  • Do the sort, assembly or packaging according to instruction
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Work steadily
  • Don't bother other workers
  • Keep working even if it's "boring"

Design of Tasks

Each task is broken down into small steps, so nearly everyone can start with success! Ten basic work activities use recognizable materials.

Each task includes all work material, bins and boxes. Also included are step-by-step instructions, data collection reports plus, for assembly and packaging tasks, competitive norms and disassembly instructions with norms.

Contents (available individually)

Pre-Voc One

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