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FL4SH Deluxe Kit

Built with the tools you need to support your students' scanning experience, the FL4SH Deluxe Kit is made for Speech Language Pathologists and educators on the go. With AbleNet's high-quality tote bag and a host of accessories that make FL4SH universally accessible, the Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to build unlimited libraries of language.

Kit Includes:
� 1 FL4SH Scanning Communicator
� 1 Binder
� 1 Rechargeable battery pack with A/C adaptor
� 1 Sixteen-minute memory module
� 12 blank overlay sleeves
� 3 QuickStart overlay sleeves: MASTER, Social Interaction, and Chase-The-Light
� Additional 8-minute memory module
� 12 Additional overlay sleeves
� Additional color-coded labels for use with memory module and overlay sleeves
� AbleNet tote bag
� 2 Jelly Bean� switches
� AbleNet Travel Strap - Shoulder Mount
� 4 AA batteries
� Toy/Appliance cable
image of FL4SH deluxe kit