<% ' PAGE VARIABLES ' ' If I had planned better ' all of the page variables below ' would be the same. ' Now the site is too complex to do that. ' ' These variables are the folder names ' of the locations of the various components ' used to create ' the product page for each item and ' the row for each item in a list page of multiple products. ' (1) section ' is the variable ' used as (2) sectionname below. ' It was poorly named and ' is used in only a few page. ' It will eventually be removed and retired. ' (2) sectionname ' is the variable ' for the unabbreviated name ' of one of the main product sections, ' e.g., Communication, Software, ..., ' used in the link returning to ' the main page of a product section. ' This link is under the << Back Forward >> link ' that is under each pages header. ' (3) photosection ' is the variable ' for a subfolder of a product category which ' is under the folder with all the images - img. ' (4) pagesection ' is the variable ' for a folder of a product category which ' holds all of the list pages for a given product. ' This folder holds all of the subfolders of the companies ' and their product detail pages for ' the corresponding product category. ' section = "Comm" sectionname = "Communication" photosection = "Comm" pagesection = "Comm" ' ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' ' PRICE VARIABLES ' ' These variables are used in each company's prices asp page ' (e.g., TPPrices.asp for Turning Point products) ' to determine each item's price. ' sectiondiscount = 1.00 sectiondeduction = 1.00 %> Storage Envelope with Multiple Views

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Fabric Picture Storage Envelope with Insert

Envelope Insert Sold Separately from Storage Envelope (Pictures not included)
closed storage envelope
Closed Storage Envelope
storage envelope with insert being installed
Insert being Installed
storage envelope with insert installed
Insert Installed