Communicator Q1 Ultra

Communicator Q1 Ultra AAC device


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Communicator Q1 Ultra

The speed and versatility of a Windows XP computer with go anywhere portability

The Communicator Q1 Ultra is the first Windows computer built by a major manufacturer
that offers all the features required as a platform for a communication/speech "device".
It is small and portable (1.7 pounds), uses regular Windows XP (not Windows CE),
with 2 front mounted speakers (excellent volume), and a touch screen that accepts finger input... a much lower cost then speech devices sold by our competitors (see comparison chart below)

The Communicator Q1 Ultra sets the standard for a touch screen enabled speech device.

The Q1 Ultra combines the speed and versatility of a Windows XP computer with the go
anywhere portability of a handheld computer. "Instant on" (no waiting for boot up) and built-in touch screen.

Install any Windows XP software, surf the internet (wirelessly), communicate,
take it to school or work and more....without compromise.

Hear the difference between DecTalk & NeoSpeech

Computer Specifications:

  • 900MHz 800MHz A110 processor
  • 512MB (Windows) or 1024 (Vista) RAM memory
  • 7" TFT color touch screen display
  • 2 front mounted speakers
  • 40GB (Windows XP) or 60GB (Vista) hard drive
  • 2 USB ports
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in Wireless LAN (802.11a/g)
  • External CD ROM drive (not included)
  • 1.7 pounds


  • Communicator Q1 Ultra with software (Windows XP or Vista)
  • Communicator Q1 Ultra as a dedicated speech generating device (Medicare compliant)/alternative augmentative communication with software; 80% covered by Medicare
  • Each option includes the seamlessly integrated software below
  • Optional external hard drive, $225

Click here to hear the difference between NeoSpeech and Microsoft Speech

Included software:

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Screen front Size Comparison Screen angle In case Right Side Left Side KB Case Closed
Bottom Top Boxes & Items Box Open Outer Box Outer Box Open KB Case Open

Compare to competitors

  Q1 Ultra Mini-Merc Say-it-Sam Tech/Touch
Vendor Gus Communications ATI, Inc. Words+, Inc. AMDI
Price $3,695 (free shipping) $6,992 $6,895 $6,544
Windows version Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP
RAM Memory 512MB 512MB 512MB 256MB
Hard drive 40GB 40GB 40MB 20GB
Processor speed 900MHz 677Mhz 1GHz ??
Speech Software Gus Speech Bundle
SD/Boardmaker SD/Boardmaker SD/Boardmaker
Speech Synthesizer NeoSpeech DECtalk DECtalk DECtalk
Voice Quality Best (natural voice) robotic robotic robotic
Weight 1.7 pounds 3.5 pounds 3.9 pounds 4.5 pounds
Communicator Q1 Ultra