MathTalk™/Scientific Notebook™ Demos

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• Fractions, Integers, Variables
• Using Dragon

Algebra Quadratic Formula Example
• Entering quadratic formula with a single voice command
•Defining a=, b=, c=
• Inserting those variables into the formula
• Using Dragon

• Use of MathTalk’s Trig Commands
• Using Microsoft Speak

• Use of MathTalk’s Calculus Commands using Microsoft Speak

• Calculating A Standard Normal Probability
• Using Microsoft Speak

Adding Text to MathTalk™
• Using Dragon

• Graphing by Voice!
• Using Dragon

Solve, Evaluate, Simplify
• Use of MathTalk's Commands • Using Microsoft Speak

Replace Command
• Replace Item in an Equation
• Using Dragon

Math Expressions
• Single MathTalk Commands
•Creating Math Expressions
• Using Microsoft Speak

Math to Braille
• MathTalk creating math in ScientificNotebook
Opening that math in Duxbury Braille Translator
• Translating that math into Braille
• Using Dragon

Quick Reference Laminate
• Showing Quick Reference Laminate
•Included with MathTalk
• Using Dragon

Training MathTalk™
• Showing Use of TWO Recommended
• MathTalk Training Materials
• Using Dragon