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Clarity C600



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Clarity C600 Amplified Cordless Telephone

The C600 2.4 GHz cordless amplified phone from Clarity has a amplifier that increases incoming sounds (up to 30 dB gain) for loud and clear conversations. The large lighted dial pad makes dialing easy. Designed for those with hearing loss or hearing impairments, this cordless amplified phone has several important benefits.

� Amplifies incoming sounds up to 30dB (decibels)
Caller ID: View the last 50 callers telephone number and name
� Clarity Power: Technology that makes words sound much clearer and easier to understand
Bright Visual Ringer: Flashing light on the C-600's base & cordless handset alerts you to incoming telephone calls
Battery Backup: Provides stable and reliable communications in the event of an emergency, power outage or electrical disruption.
Boost Button: Easy to use volume amplification control
Large Lighted Dial Pad: Large dial pad with lighted big buttons that are easy to use and easy to see.
Volume Control Override: Switch so that persons with hearing disabilities can use the telephone without having to turn the volume back up each time they use the telephone
� Flash, mute and page functions

clarity C600 amplified telephone