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Krown Starplus-45



  1. Clarity Alto Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone
  2. Clarity AltoPlus Digital CID Loud Big Button Speakerphone
It makes every word clear and easy to understand

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Krown StarPlus 45 Standard
It makes every word clear and easy to understand

The incoming voice by 200 times, its advanced circuit design and electronic anti-feedback filter makes every word clear and easy to understand without any distortion. It also comes with a 95db tone ringer and bright indicator to enhance incoming calls.

� Built in amplifier increases incoming sounds up to 53db louder that can be set for personal preference to turn on automatically or manually each time the hand set is lifted.
� Light Weight Construction for long lasting durability.
� 10 buttons for one-touch speed dialing
� 3 Emergency number buttons programmable for easy access to fire, police or ambulance personnel.
� Separate volume and tone controls to contour personal settings covering low and high frequency ranges.
� Adjustable volume control to help compensate for ambient background noises.
� 2-way speakerphone with adjustable volume
� Tone selector for adjusting sound clarity and distinguishing similar sounding words.
� Tactile indicator on keypad to aid low vision users in finding and using function keys.
� Lighted key pad with large push keys for easy dialing.
� Super bright ring flasher to enhance incoming calls.
� Super loud adjustable (Hi/Med/Low) ringer (95db) to help compensate for environmental noise.
� T-Coil compatible handset for those individuals with electronically enhanced hearing.
� Music on hold feature for professional enhancement.
� Audio output jack for connection to headset, neck loop or Cochlear implant (not to be used for headset)
� Desk or Wall mounting great for home or office...

Krown StarPlus 45 Standard