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Krown Starplus-45



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  2. Clarity AltoPlus Digital CID Loud Big Button Speakerphone
Up to 53 dB of amplification and clearer undistorted speech

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Krown Starplus-45

Krown StarPlus-45 - amplified telephone with Caller ID offers the latest in telecommunication technology to give you louder and more understandable conversations.

StarPlus-45 not only amplifies the incoming voice by 53dB decibels gain, its advanced circuit design and its electronic anti-feedback filter make every words clearer and easier to understand without any feedback or distortion. It also comes with 95dB loud tone ringer so that you'll never miss another call again. Also, the StarPlus-45 offers Caller ID and extra large buttons with high contrast graphics for optimum visibility and dialing ease.

� Caller ID, Call Waiting ID function (including Type II) with 3 1/4 x � 1 3/4 large and bold font display Memory for 100 numbers
� Back lighted LCD & Keypads
� 2-way speaker phone with separate adjustable volume
� Speaker phone indicator
� 100 number phonebook and 10 last dialed numbers
� 3 emergency buttons
� Super bright ringing indicator
� Handset compatible with hearing aid T-coil
� Desk or Wall mountable
� �Extension in use� indicator
� �Missed call� indicator
� Voice mail indicator
� Adjustable ringer volume (HI/LOW/OFF)
� Ringer tone control
� Clock and timer
� Hold on music
� Voice message waiting ON/OFF switch
� Auto/normal amplifier switch
� Dynamic Noise Reduction
� Dynamic signal processing
� 2 RJ11 modular telephone jacks
� Support power outage and no battery back up: 10dB

Krown Starplus-45