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CrystalTone Plus

Maximum amplification and a built-in speakerphone

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CrystalTone Plus
Maximum amplification and a built-in speakerphone

With maximum amplification available and a built-in speakerphone, the CrystalTone Plus is the ultimate amplified telephone. This top-of-the-line model offers one of the highest volume levels (up to 50dB) plus quality sound enhancement while screening out background noises. Use the tone control slide bar to adjust the quality of the incoming voice for optimal clarity.

Or, turn on the speakerphone to enjoy �hands-free� conversations. Its adjustable super-loud ringer notifies you of incoming calls, and can be set to the pitch that you hear best. Enjoy precise, crystal clear phone conversations with the deluxe CrystalTone Plus.

� Powerful amplifier available (up to 50dB)
� Built-in Speakerphone (not amplified)
� Conversation Tone control amplifies and enhances the tone of incoming voice
� Hearing Aid compatible handset
� Audio jack (3.5 mm) for use with some assistive listening devices
� Super-loud ringer (up to 100dB) with adjustable ring pitch
� 10 memory buttons plus 3 emergency speed-dial keys
� Outgoing volume button lets you increase the volume of your outgoing voice for the benefit of the person on the other end (up to 12dB)
� Phone features include: hold, hook flash, and redial buttons
� Bright ring flasher alerts you visually to incoming calls
� High contrast dial pad is extra large and easy to read
� Made by Ultratec, the recognized leader in quality telecommunications

crystal tone plus amplified telephone