Which Signaling System is right for you?

  I. To what sounds do you want to be alerted?

If you want to know when...

You'll need a:

the telephone rings Telephone Ring Signaler
someone is at the door Doorbell Ring Signaler
household sounds (oven timer, baby cry) Sound Signaler

II. Where do you want to be alerted?

If you want to be alerted ...

You'll need a:

only in the room where the sound occurs Just the signaler (Must be used with at least 1 Remote Receiver)
in multiple rooms throughout your home Remote Receiver(s) for each room in which you want to be signaled

III. Desktop versus Wall Mount Signalers

Do you want to use the lamp only for signaling?

Yes Choose a WALL-MOUNT model

• Less expensive choice
• Plugs neatly into an electrical outlet, typically on a wall or hidden from view
No, I still want to use the lamp for room lighting or reading. Choose a DESKTOP Model

• Built in switch lets you easily turn the lamp on or off
• Sits within easy reach to conveniently operate the lamp
•Can sit on a coffee table, bookshelf, or counter, far away from the electrical wall outlet
•Indicator lights let you quickly see what the sound is
In rooms where lamps are not traditionally used
(i.e. bathroom, hallway, garage)
Choose a WALL-MOUNT model plus an ADD-ON STROBE

•Add-on Strobe plugs into wall-mount model to alert you in rooms where a lamp traditionally is not used (i.e. a bathroom, hallway or garage)
•Ideal for dorm rooms or one-room apartments

IV. The Right Signaler for your Doorbell

Is the doorbell button or chime within close distance to an electrical outlet?

Yes Choose the Simplicity Doorbell Signaler LT (wired model)

• Less expensive choice
• Signaler plugs directly into wall outlet near the doorbell or doorbell chime
• Can be connected to either the doorbell or your doorbell chime with simple wiring (wire included)
No Choose the wireless Simplicity Doorbell Signaler LTW

• No wiring needed between doorbell/chime and signaler
• Provides a visual alert in addition to the existing audio alert
• Includes a small transmitter that connects easily to your existing doorbell chime. When the doorbell button is pushed, the existing chime sounds (providing an audio alert) and the transmitter activates the Signaler, which sends a visual alert (flashes your light or strobe and activates Remote Receivers).