How Signaling Systems Work

  Signaling Systems Signaling systems alert you to important sounds in your everyday life -- be it at home or in the workplace. They notify you of events like the telephone ringing, a baby crying, a visitor at the door, or someone trying to get your attention. Typically, the signaler alerts you to sound visually by blinking a built-in light or by flashing your own lamp. Some signalers vibrate, such as a pillow shaker when you are sleeping or a personal pager that clips to your belt loop.

In simple environments, such as a dorm room or a one-room apartment, a single alerting device works well to detect and alert you to sounds. In other situations, such as a home or office, a combination of transmitters and receivers may be more appropriate. The transmitter, which is placed in the area where sound may occur (for example, in a baby's room), detects the sound and then passes a signal onto the receiver(s). The receiver(s), which can be located anywhere throughout your home or workplace, alerts you to the sound visually or through vibration.

Signaling systems can be purchased as individual components, personalized to your specific needs, or as part of an all-in-one system. Whether you need to be alerted in a single room, around a large home, or throughout a multi-level office facility, we have the signaling solution for you!