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Superprint Series

Feature packed TTYs with E-Turbo Technology
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Superprint 80
Feature packed TTY with E-Turbo Technology

It features direct connect with 2 built-in telephone jacks and advanced calling features like auto-busy redial, 3 way calling, and TTY transfer. Call progress tells you if the phone you are calling is ringing or busy. Auto-Answer takes messages for you when you are unavailable.

The 32k memory lets you save hundreds of telephone numbers, memos, and Auto-Answer messages by name. You can personalize greeting messages, memos, and outgoing Auto-Answer memos. Convenient arrow keys make it easy to review information saved in memory.

Turbo Code lets you control the speed of your conversations and enjoy "real-time" communication with other Turbo Code TTYs. It also lets you interrupt one another.

The TTY Announcer lets hearing people know you are on the line. The User-programmable Relay Voice Announcer tells hearing callers to use a TTY or use relay, and gives the phone number for your relay service. Auto ID lets everyone you call know that you are using a TTY.

A more basic model, the Superprint 4225, is also available. This model has memory but does not have direct-connect features.

� Built-in, 24-character printer
� 3 selectable print sizes
� 32k memory
� Date/time printed at the beginning of each call
� Turbo Code� and Auto ID�
� E-Turbo for simplified relay calling**
� User-programmable Relay Voice Announcer
� Direct connect (with 2 jacks) to standard telephone line
� Built-in ring flasher
� Call progress
� Auto-Answer capabilities (with programmable message)
� Auto-busy redial, Wait for Response and 3-way calling
� Remote message retrieval
� Arrow keys for easy review of memory
� Convenient GA/SK keys
� Easy-touch greeting memo
� Tone or pulse dial
� Keyboard dialing, follow-on dialing, call transfer
� Memory dialing/redial
� TTY Announcer�
� Baudot code (45.5/50 baud rate)
� Sticky key feature (for single-handed typing)
� ASCII code is available

**E-Turbo currently is only available with Sprint Relay.