TTY & Cell Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

  Yes! Thanks to the new Compact/C from Ultratec.

Now, you can make TTY calls from your car, the park, the golf course, the boat, anywhere, whenever you want!

Just connect the Compact/C to a recommended cellular phone, and enjoy the convenience of cellular calling anywhere, anytime.

The Compact/C includes a built-in audio jack and cable which connects directly to the "hands-free" jack found in many of today's digital cellular phones. Because of the variety of individual preferences and calling plans available, the cellular phone and service must be purchased separately.

How to make a TTY call with a cellular phone:
Plug the large end of the cable into the audio jack of the Compact/C.
Plug the small end of the cable into the audio jack of your cellular telephone.
Turn on your cellular telephone. Make sure you have a strong signal on your telephone.
Turn on the TTY and press the spacebar.
Dial the number of the person you are calling on the cellular telephone.

Recommended Cellular Phones

Look for cell phone models that list "TTY Mode" in their specifications. Because the cellular phone industry changes phone models and features frequently, the following list is provided as reference only. Please check with your cellular phone provider for the most up-to-date information.


Sony Ericsson Mobile
Model T61D (TDMA)
Model T61Z (GSM)

Model 6340 with HDA-8 TTY adapter (TDMA, GSM)
Model 6360 with HDA-8 TTY adapter (TDMA)
Model 3590 with HDA-9 TTY adapter (GSM)

Model v60i (CDMA, TDMA, GSM)
Model v120e (CDMA)
Model v60e (CDMA)
Model T720 (CDMA, GSM)
Model T280i (GSM)
Model C330 (GSM)
Model C332 (GSM)

Versio model EB-TX320 (TDMA)
Allure model EB-TX310 (TDMA)

Model 9155-GPX

Advantages of Cellular TTY Calling
Portable and convenient
Freedom to make TTY calls anywhere
Stay connected to the office, family, or friends no matter where you are
Call for help in an emergency
Long-lasting TTY batteries for hours of portable use
No extra "data converters" or other bulky, expensive equipment needed

What if I Already Have a TTY?

Any of Ultratec's direct-connect TTYs on battery power can be used with a cellular phone. However, you need some special equipment from your cellular phone provider to make it work.

Can I use a TTY with a Cordless Phone?

Yes, you can also use some cordless phones with the Ultratec Compact/C and EZcom Pro/C. The cordless phone must include a 2.5mm jack, which you simply connect to the Compact/C or EZcom Pro/C.