Wheelchair Desk Mount Accessories






7” Extension

This removable extension rod allows you to raise the custom tray an additional 7". It is especially useful for reading or writing at eye-level, or to raise the work surface in general.

7 inch extension

Wrist Pad

Wrist Pad with Thumb Screws

One Wrist Pad (RD-247-WP12) is included with each MYDESC model. The tray top has pre-drilled holes on all sides.

stop bar and wrist pad

10" x 12"

12" x 17"

Quick Release Tray for Communication Mount System only

When you are not using your communication device, this convenient quick release tray top will convert your MYDESC Communication Mount to a MYDESC Custom work surface. The work surface is made of smoked, translucent acrylic. Includes with quick release inner wedge bracket. Available in two sizes.

quick release tray

10 x 12"
12 x 17"

Replacement Work Surface for 3100, 3200 & 3500 models

The 12.38” x 17.0” work surface is made of smoked, translucent acrylic. For optional wrist pad, see detail description above.


Replacement Work Surface for DM900 / DM500

The 15.0” x 22.75” work surface is made of smoked, translucent acrylic.


Height Adjustment Ball-Joint Assembly

The Height Adjustment Ball-Joint housing assembly is available as a separate component for those who are interested in customizing a special system. This part includes a built-in 3” height adjustment with clutch type L-handle to clamp ball-joint unit. together with the DM100 bracket (not included) it can be converted to a more versatile joy-stick positioner, or a camera holder.


90 degree Elbow Assembly

The 90 degree Elbow assembly is used to connect the MYDESC work surface the standard Direct Mount Bracket, the 90 degree Mount Bracket (DMB90). This part consists of L-shaped aluminum cast with a collar and tightening knob at one end. The elbow’s unique slotted groove allows for distance adjustments at any point - a simple twist of the hex-bolt from the bracket will grip or release the elbow.


Versatile Bracket

This unique angular mount bracket can rotate before and after it has been mounted. Metal bracket (cylindrical) provides a 1” dia bore and allows the 90ฐ elbow assembly to be adjusted (leveled) on wheelchairs or other furniture with tube frame. Ideal for diagonal and/or curved frame where mounting is difficult. You simply loosen four screws to change the angle to level the opening. Adapts to round or square tube frame dia from .75” to 1.50” .

versatile bracket


Standard Bracket

This is a non-adjustable rigid bracket constructed with solid aluminum. Simply tightening four screws with two clamp-plates as shown on illustration. It will mount on vertical or horizontal tube round or square from .75” to 1.25” dia. This bracket is not for diagonal or curved frame.
standard bracket