Spell Track Workbook

Spell Track is ideal for special education, and inclusion classes & a perfect companion to the




Spell Track Workbook
Grades Kindergarten-2, Inclusion

By circling (tracking) each letter in one continuous movement, at the same time as saying the letter name, the learner is using visual and kinaesthetic senses as well as learning the phonic components of the word. Writing out the spelling from memory, saying the letter names or mnemonic as he or she does so, provides reinforcement of correct letter formation and good handwriting.

Use of Spell Track activities:
� Scan a line of type effectively, to improve reading, letter recognition and discrimination skills
� Correct problems of left-to-right directionality, omissions and reversals
� Improve visual recognition, matching and selecting; improve graphic knowledge and phoneme/graphic correspondence
� Work on fine motor control
� Consolidate phonic skills and early spelling strategies
� Learn proof-reading skills

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