Word Track Workbook


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TF-20170 Grades 2-4, Inclusion

Young students, and learners of all ages with specific learning needs will make important progress as they practice spelling words in the context of 180 sentences. The activities in the book support and reinforce correct spelling of words within the context of the sentence, concentrating on the letters and sounds (phonemes) of words. The activity sheets in the workbook can be photocopied. This program is ideal for "Reading First" programs, special education, and inclusion classes.

The activities in Word Track help students develop the following skills:
� Visual discrimination
� Proof reading.
� Reading and spelling of high frequency words and words prone to letter-order mistakes.
� The use of the 'look, say, remember, type, check' spelling strategy.
� Keyboard awareness and typing skills.
� Grammar skills such as punctuation and capitalization.

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