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The 56 state and territory programs are funded under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended. State Assistive Technology Act programs work to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide programs of technology-related assistance. Additionally, the programs support activities designed to maximize the ability of individuals with disabilities and their family members, guardians, and advocates to access and obtain assistive technology devices and services.

Key Activities of Assistive Technology Projects
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Other Activities of the Assistive Technology Act Programs
Providing training and technical assistance for individuals from local settings statewide, including representatives of the state and local educational agencies, other state and local agencies, early intervention programs, adult services programs, hospitals and other health care facilities, institutions of higher education, and businesses.
Conducting public awareness activities relating to the availability, benefits, appropriateness, and costs of assistive technology devices and services. Examples of public awareness activities include newsletters, presentations, websites, and information and referral (I&R).
Coordination and collaboration with public and private entities that are responsible for policies, procedures, or funding for the provision of assistive technology devices and services to individuals with disabilities, service providers, and others to improve access to assistive technology devices and services

This section is indebted to information from the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North American (RESNA), especially for their April, 2005, Survey of State AT Act Projects (The RESNA Technical Assistance Project, Grant #H224B020001, funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, U.S. Department of Education, under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998).

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