Take and Teach Language Kits


Language exposure and enrichment materials in the framework of a thematic unit for students with moderate to severe mental impairments

Description Photo Price
AI-TTLKC01 Community Helpers 1

There are many people in the community who are helpers. This unit helps students identify these helpers, where they work and what they do. Occupations covered: police officer, librarian, nurse, cashier, firefighter, doctor, dentist, and teacher.

Support Manipulative:
Includes police badge, book, bandaid, stethoscope, fire hat and toothbrush
No Photo

AI-TTLKC02 Community Helpers 2

A continuation of the Community Helpers language kit. Occupations covered: life guard, construction worker, secretary, custodian, hairdresser, mail carrier, bus driver, and waiter/waitress.
AI-TTLKC03 Community Capers

Ben has a shopping list, but needs your help to decide where to go to make his purchases. The emphasis of this unit is on common places students visit in the community and activities associated with those locations.
AI-TTLKCB Community Bundle

Community Capers, Community Helpers 1 and 2.