Take and Teach Language Kits

Special Kits

Language exposure and enrichment materials in the framework of a thematic unit for students with moderate to severe mental impairments

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AI-TTLKS01 Back to School

It is time to head back to school! Make the transition fun for your students - the Boardmaker book reminds students of many events they do with their school friends (riding the bus, various classes, etc.), and the repetitive line says, "That's what good friends do". Page options are provided for older and younger classes. All students will enjoy the computer story "Rules Rule", which talks about school rules and why they are helpful and fun. "Back to School" has lots of additional ideas to help students get to know each other and the school-day routine.
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AI-TTLKS02 Music Mania

The "Get Down" Classroom Suite story introduces students to different types of music using sound clips. The songboard and extension activities use music to reinforce the concepts of loud and soft, fast and slow. Play along with the computer story or other music with instruments you make. What is YOUR favorite kind of music?
AI-TTLKS03 Stop, Drop and Roll

Firefighter Andy stars in a Classroom Suite computer story as he shows students the special clothes he wears to keep safe. The book "Don't Touch Hot Things" and songboard point out hot and dangerous items and places in the home environment. An IntelliPics Studio activity teaches important safety concepts to older students.