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Equipment Tracker Plus

The Equipment Tracker is an easy-to-use database that enables any agency (school district, state agency, or private organization) to keep track of all equipment owned and utilized by the agency. It has a built-in "check out/check in" system and records all equipment repairs and/or maintenance.

Forms in Equipment Tracker:

1. Needs Assessment:
This form is for entering requests for training and/or new equipment.

2. Support Team:
This opens a form to enter the names of each Support Team Member that your department utilizes.

3. Funding Sources:
The Funding Sources form maintains a list of the funding sources used to purchase equipment.

4. Site Types:
The Site Types form can provide an easy-to-remember one- or two-letter code for each type of location that is normally serviced.

5. Sites Serviced:
This screen provides fields for the basic information about each specific site that will be serviced by the agency.

6. Patron Information:
"Personal Information" is for entering the basic information of each individual receiving Assistive Technology equipment or services.

7. Equipment Categories:
This form provides a list of the types of equipment that are kept in inventory by the agency.

8. Equipment Inventory:
This form allows an agency to keep a record of the equipment that it owns or utilizes, as well as keep track of its usage and repairs.

9. Equipment Check Out:
This screen provides the user another method of checking out equipment.

10. Equipment Check In:
This screen provides the user another method of checking in equipment.

11. Equipment Repair:
This pop-up form provides the user another method of entering information on sending equipment out for repair.

12. Equipment Disposal:
The Equipment Disposal form is used to track equipment that is beyond repair or obsolete.
Versions (pricing for large institutions available upon request):
ET-01 Single version Tracks up to 1,000 individuals $450.00
ET-NT-01 Additional Stations for Single Version $150.00
ET-NT-10 Network version (Unlimited Users) $1,250.00
ET-05 5K Version Tracks up to 5,000 individuals $1,290.00
ET-NT-50 Network version (Unlimited Users) $2,650.00

Win 98, 2000, XP (Pro/Home)

1K Version
1st 1K User
1K Network Version

5K Version
5K User
5K Network Version