Overboard Testimonials

Communication Overlay and Board Designer

  June 26/06: Thanks so much.
By the way, I love your program. It's so much easier to use than BM.

Thanks again


PS. I work for a company called Autism Queensland (as the name implies we work directly with Autistic children). I'll be showing off your product at a staff meeting in three weeks time. My principal is very interested and we could be ordering quite a few licenses. :-)

May 11, 2006 - I downloaded the trial of Overboard and fell in love with it. My husband asked what I wanted for Mother's Day and this is it. He just ordered it through your site and I am so excited. We have a son on the Autism Spectrum and this will be invaluable. In addition, it is affordable and very easy to use. Thank you and I Love It!!!!!!!!!

Brentwood, TN


"I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the Gus Overboard evaluation copy and I am so happy at the ease of use.

I do have BM and between the two, Overboard is far easier to work with. Your symbols are not childish, I can arrange them and use my own collection without any hassle, I can add my own text and delete and arrange without the hassle. I can change the appearance of the file in seconds, which does give me more time to be with my family.


I will be back in May to purchase this. I am so happy this came out, my hat's off to all who took part in the development of this program, for they did keep in mind the ease of usage for the consumer. I am saving up for the complete software in which I can put that on my son's laptop."

Jannette and Charles

"I've only been using Overboard for 3 days and I'm hooked. I LOVE it.
It is so much easier to use, especially being able to search on more than one word at a time. Thank you!!

"Very impressive. We'll be ordering a 5 pack next week.
Have a good weekend."

"I found the video demonstrations on your web site to be very convincing. It was the reason I purchased Overboard even though I purchased BM just a few weeks ago."

"I checked out your website and prefer your symbols to BMs. I�m an AT Consultant and have to purchase everything on my own so cost is a major consideration for me and for products that I recommend. It is great to know that there is now a choice � a little competition is good."

"Congratulations for coming up with a good product."

"Today, I finally had a chance to review your Overboard software.
It is GREAT!"

"Overboard is an excellent alternative to BM. It is wonderful tool
for parents struggling with the fact that they can't afford BM."

"The best new piece of software for special ed in several years,
at nearly half the price of its major competitor. Congratulations."

"My graduate students are mainly practicing special education teachers and speech language pathologists. I'd love for them to learn about Overboard. Currently, most are familiar with BM. It's not that I think it's a bad product, but I am totally in favor of having options."

"It is important to have competition on the market. BM is an expensive program that many parents cannot afford to purchase. Overboard is an alternative so the families that are strapped for resources can give their children equal access to materials. BM hasn�t had competition to this point. But all programs need it � it�s the only way they evolve and get better. Look at Intellitools vs Clicker, Co:writer and Word Q. BM was (until the release of Overboard) like the Microsoft of symbol communication.
I have worked with the company (Gus Communications) that developed the Overboard product. They have very good customer service. I have never had to wait for a response on a matter that was important or needed serving. I deal with many companies being a Coordinator of a technology lending center so I can tell what companies are very good and which ones I get my pillow and blanket ready because I know I will be on hold for a while."