Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the cost for templates, activities and pre-configured pages for Overboard?

A. They are free.
a. We encourage you to share your Overboard created pages
with other families, students or clients.
b. We encourage you to send your Overboard created
pages to us for posting on our website for others to use.
We won't package them as "activity add-ons" and sell them.

Q. How do I update my copy of "Overboard" to the latest version?

A. Just click on the "Download Overboard" button on this website. Overboard will automatically recognize whether or not you have a registered copy and update the files accordingly.
Software updates are FREE.

Q. Can I paste any picture into Overboard and, if so, where can I download free pictures, images and symbols from?

A. Yes. You can paste any image, symbol, digital photograph or clipart directly into Overboard. Just right click on any picture you want to use, select "Copy" then go into Overboard and select "Paste". That's all there is to it.
You can get thousands of free images, symbols, photographs and more from any of the following links (click on the following to jump to the corresponding page).

PicSearch, Google Images, Microsoft Clipart, Clipart.com, and many others

Q. Is there a Mac OS X version of Overboard and, if so, is it written for Mac Classic or Mac OSX (Tiger)?

A. Yes, we offer Overboard for MacOSX. It is designed for the MacOSX 10.3/10.4 (Panther/Tiger) operating systems and is NOT a Mac Classic application.

Q. What is the main difference between "Overboard" and "BM"?

A. Both programs enable you to create communication boards and overlays. The most significant differences between the two are that Overboard offers more features, costs about half of BM, and can be downloaded for a FREE trial. See a comparison of features at the bottom of this page.

The most important point is this... you have a choice of symbols.

Q. Can I use "Overboard" with Boardmaker?

A. Yes. Both programs offer the ability to copy/paste their respective symbols into the other program. You can copy symbols from Overboard and paste them into BM...and visa versa.
If you have BM and Overboard, you have access to as many as 12,500+ communication symbols plus over 130,000+ Microsoft symbols.

You do NOT need BM in order to use Overboard.
They are two distinct pieces of software

Q. Why don't Gus symbols show "jaggies" when they are enlarged in Overboard?

A. First, Gus symbols are created using fine lines. Wide lines are much more likely to become "jagged" as they are enlarged. Second, our symbols were drawn at a larger original size so that they do not experience as much stretching during enlarging...which causes "jaggies". Lastly, they were created as "bitmap" graphics, so they can be edited, modified, enlarged and manipulated without having to be converted from metafiles to bitmaps during use.