Gus! Word Prediction

Word completion, prediction, abbreviation expansion, spell checking, and speech output of > 100,000 words


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Gus! Word Prediction
Word completion, prediction, abbreviation expansion, spell checking, and speech output of > 100,000 words

This very useful utility aids individuals with limited keyboarding ability such as those
who are slow typists, probe or pencil users, or one-finger typists, and can be used with standard application software.

Gus! Word Prediction places an "always on top" window on the computer screen.
You can stretch or shrink the window to any size you want, and the font size adjusts
automatically. As you input each character, Gus! Word Prediction revises the
displayed "word list". When you see the desired word, simply click the
word or press the corresponding function key (F1 - F9) and Gus! Word Prediction
will complete the word. Predicts current and next word based on the users frequency
of use. Also includes abbreviation expansion ("gm" = "good morning")


Word Completion (current word)
As you begin to enter a word (e.g. the letter "a"), the box displays a list of choices based on what letters you have typed. As you continue to type, the list narrows the choices down further and further. This feature is called "word completion." To select on of the words from the list, simply press the corresponding function key (F1-F9). The program learns new words as you type (Autolearn) and builds your own personalized vocabulary. In fact, the words are presented based on "frequency of use"; meaning the words that have been used most often appear at the top. In our example above, you can see that the words are not in alphabetical order. They are in order of frequency.

Word Prediction (next word)
After you finish entering a word, the box will display a list of words that normally follows the word you just entered, based on your own vocabulary. For example, suppose you have entered the phrase "I want to go home" on more than one occasion. Hence forth, after you type the word "want" the box will display the word "to" as an offering for the next word. If you select the word "to", the box will display the word "go" along with 8 other words that have, in the past, followed the word "go." As you can see, word completion and word prediction will greatly accelerate your "typing" speed with switch/scanning.

Abbreviation Expansion
This feature greatly improves typing speed by inserting long words or complete sentences with only a few keystrokes. For example, an abbreviation could be "wayg" which automatically expands to become "where are you going this weekend?" Much faster than typing word by word!

Spell Checker
Every so often, it is useful to run a spelling check of your dictionary. Simply right click on the Gus! Word Prediction window and let it go!

Speech Output! (SGD)!
Includes Microsoft Speech for clear voice output!! Automatically speaks as you type.

Large dictionary
The maximum dictionary size is over 100,000 words!

screen shot of gus word prediction software