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Choose and Tell: Legends

A magical adventure based on legends from different cultures




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Choose and Tell: Legends

Bundled in the Choose & Tell Series

Building on the success of Choose and Tell: Nursery Rhymes, this CD takes your learners on a magical adventure based on legends from different cultures.

Packed with fun decisions to make and challenging puzzles to solve, this fully switch and touch screen accessible program is sure to motivate your students.

Join Jason, Sir Lancelot, the Pharaoh, Hiawatha or Rama on a spellbinding adventure across five locations. Pick a destination and a mode of transport. Encounter monsters who will set a question relating to the Key Stage 1 curriculum, with a configurable difficulty level for easy differentiation.

Customize to your students� needs:


You can decide whether the student will be offered a choice of two or three items on each decision-making page. (They will always be offered all five characters to choose from, regardless of the selection made here)

Difficulty of Questions
In Choose and Tell: Legends, you can also configure the level of difficulty of the questions your student is set during the quest.

Back Button

This option allows the Back Button, which lets the student go back and choose a different item, to be disabled.

Switch Access

Choose whether to use the mouse, touch screen, keyboard, IntelliKeys USB or one or two switches

Scan Speed

This controls the single switch scanning function, which automatically selects each interactive object on the screen in turn. It regulates the length of time that each object is highlighted before moving on to the next.

Scan Color

The Scan Color option controls the color of the scan outline that appears when interactive objects on the screen are selected.

Auditory Scanning

You can decide to have the name of each choice shown on the screen read out as they are scanned. They will also be read out if you roll over the object with the mouse pointer.


Choose and Tell includes a �pre-acceptance delay� function. This is useful for students who make brief involuntary switch presses which you don�t want the program to recognize. If you set the delay to 0.4 seconds, the program will only accept switch presses that last longer than 0.4 seconds.


An easy way to access ready-to-print pictures from the game that can be used in activities away from the computer. Black and white versions are also available for your students to colour in.

System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Macintosh OSX

Age Range

� Early Childhood
� Early Primary

Foster development in the areas of:
� Early concepts
� Switch use
� Choosing with a switch
� Problem solving
� Literacy


� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� Keyboard
� Intellikeys
� Touchscreen
� Single Switch
� Multiple Switches
� Switch Adapted Mouse

Choose and Tell: Legends

1 User
5 Users