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Easy Games

6 classic arcade games to develop observation skills, anticipation, switch timing, and concentration


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Easy Games

Easy Games is a delightful collection of 6 classic arcade-style games that help develop the skills of observation, anticipation, timing and concentration.

There are many options that can be configured, including the difficulty level, turning the menu music and sound effects on or off, displaying a high score list, altering the speed of movement and so on. Settings for different users can be saved.

There are many different levels to play and you can create your own, specifically suited to your students' needs, using the program Editors.

The picture menu allows you to choose from these exciting games:

� MiniPacman: Help Pacman eat all the yellow cookies without running into the ghost.
� MiniSpace: Shoot all of the objects before they land on you!
� MiniRabbit: Help the rabbit to cross the river by jumping on the logs, or to cross the road by avoiding the cars.
� MiniBreak: Knock down the bricks by moving a bat to bounce the ball.
� MiniAsteroids: Shoot the asteroids - but don't let them bump into you!
� MiniTetris: Steer and rotate the falling blocks to make a complete row.

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP

Fosters development in the areas of
� Switch use
� Switch timing

� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� Single Switch
� Multiple Switches
� Keyboard

Easy Games

1 User
5 Users