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Learn More thru Games

Four games on 1 CD to teach early concepts and literacy


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Learn More thru Games

Four games on one CD from the latest in the Learn More series
� Coloring Books
� Jigsaw Puzzles
� Memory Games (pelmanism)
� Building Blocks

A delightful set of images and sounds included, but there is also a Tools program to let you add your own images and sounds.
You could use digitized pictures of your students and their surroundings. Add the students� own voices and turn them into jigsaws, or create memory matching games.

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Coloring Book Exercises
The picture can be colored the way you want. When you color a certain part of the picture a sound is heard. On each side of the pallet there are arrows. By clicking on these arrows you can look through the pictures.

Memory Exercises
Match two pictures that are alike. On the screen squares are shown. When you click on a square it will turn and you will see a picture. If the two chosen pictures are not a match they will be turned over again. If you get a match they will stay. When you have made all the matches, all pictures appear for a short time and you will be praised. Some of the memory games have sound.

Puzzles Exercises
Put the pieces in the right place. If you make a mistake a dull sound is heard. The pieces can only be put in the right place. You can look through the pieces by clicking on the blue arrows on each side of the screen border. If you click on the screen arrows you can look through different puzzles. You can choose whether you want guide lines or not. You can choose between 6, 12, 20 and 30 pieces.

Colors and Shapes Exercises
Build with blocks in different colors and shapes. If there is a block that you do not want to use, just pull it away from the building area. Click on the arrows to look through the different kinds of building blocks. There are three different sizes of blocks to choose from. You can save your picture and continue to work on it another time.

Learn More thru Games is targeted at the following age ranges:
� Early Primary
� Mid Primary

Learn More thru Games is designed to foster development in the areas of:
� Early concepts
� Literacy
� Switch use

Users can access Learn More thru Games in the following ways:
� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� IntelliKeys
� Touchscreen
� Single Switch
� Multiple Switches

System Requirements
Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
� P-133MHz
� 24MB RAM
� 50MB HD space
� 16 bit Color
� sound card
� CD ROM drive

Learn More thru Games

Learn More thru Games

1 User
5 Users