Learn switch or mouse timing skills while playing computer arcade games


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Learn switch or mouse timing skills while playing computer arcade games

Ooops is a collection of 4 arcade type games to control by mouse, keyboard or single switch. The graphics and animation will interest learners of all ages and switch or mouse timing skills can be developed whilst having fun!

The flying saucer acts as a cursor allowing you to select an activity. The 'speaker' button allows you to turn sound off or on. The 'people' buttons allow you to select a difficulty level - the taller the person, the faster the game.

The games include:

Car - press the switch to swap lanes and dodge other vehicles and road hazards.
Spaceship - dodge hazards in outer space.
Hot air balloon - control the hot air balloon and dodge the hazards in the sky.
Submarine - dodge hazards under the sea.

Collect as many jewels as you can in each of the games to increase your score. In each game you have three lives. If you crash the vehicle, your next life will begin. When you have used all three lives, the 'high scores' list will appear with your score.

Fosters development in the areas of:
� Switch use
� Cause and effect
� Switch Timing

� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� Keyboard
� Single Switch

System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 8MB RAM, 256 colors, sound card, CD ROM drive, 3MB free disk space

oops software game

Hot Air Balloon
Ooops! Space Software Game

Ooops! Hot Air Balloon Software Game

Ooops! Submarine Software Game

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