Reading World

21 different reading games designed for language and literacy development

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Reading World
21 different reading games designed for literacy development

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The variety of activities is designed to widen letter and word recognition, build familiarity with alphabetical order and to increase spelling skills. Different types of activities allow you to work with letters, building words, or with whole words. Practice alphabetical order, matching pictures and words, guessing the word, typing the word and sorting words.

Play exciting games like Bandit, Flash Words, Letter Factory, Word Worm, and Word Tetris. Create new word lists that are completely relevant for your learners. Create groups of activities tailored for your students.

Configurable Options:

� Choose wordlist
� Choose if you want the words to appear in alphabetic or random order
� Choose difficulty level
� Choose if you want animated rewards and how often they will appear
� Menu music on or off
� Sound effects on or off
� Start with the Main menu or the Favorite menu
� Alphabet on screen or not in certain games


� Alphabetical order
� Match Picture and Word
� Guess the Word
� Flash cards
� Select Word from the list
� Create Word
� Type the Word
� Initial Letter
� Sort Words according to initial letter
� Listen and write
� Hangman
� Word Tetris
� The letter Factory
� Word Worm

With Reading World comes an Editor in which you can add new words and pictures of your own. You can use photos as well as drawn pictures.

You can create as many wordlists as you want. Use your imagination!
With the program come more than 400 recorded words. If you want to add other words you can record them directly in the Editor.

System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

Reading World is targeted at the following age ranges:
Early Childhood
Early Primary
Mid Primary

Reading World is designed to foster development in the areas of:

Users can access Reading World in the following ways:
Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick

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Reading World

1 User
5 Users