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SwitchIt! At Home
Part of the SwitchIt! Cause and Effect Series

This delightfully simple yet entertaining package provides opportunities for both learning concepts and developing switch skills for clients of all ages. The clear brightly colored graphics are generic in design. The actions and switch prompts cater to a large age range, including adults who have an intellectual disability. The objects are stimulating with animated visual and sound effects.

There are ten motivating activities designed to develop and demonstrate understanding of cause and effect through pressing a switch (or other input device) to build a scene from 10 different household items.

The user may elect to be rewarded with just one �press� or touch/click of the mouse (i.e. instant reward and gratification), or three or five presses of their preferred device. The sound effects, visual and auditory prompts are clear and unambiguous. The figure ground (i.e. visual complexity of the screen) is
excellent. These uncluttered screens can be altered at any time with choice of background color options. This provides color differentiation and activities that accommodate children or users who are vision impaired.

The activities include animated objects that are typically found in the home. These images can be set up to appear sequentially or at random. Sequential order assists those users who require consistency, or familiarity. It also provides for �what�s next� type questions to promote short term memory, attention and recognition of objects and shapes. The Random mode alleviates boredom and predictability for other users. This flexibility is important and is a great feature. Scenes can be printed as well.

Each �scene� or activity starts with a blank screen. A picture of a switch appears, prompting the user to �press�. If the user does not respond in a given time frame (which can be set by the teacher, aide, parent or therapist) then an auditory and/or visual prompt alerts them to participate and therefore engage in the activity. A beep, �swoop� or siren sound effect is played, with the image of the switch appropriately animated. The ten scenes include:

� Vacuum cleaner,
� Washing machine,
� Dishwasher,
� Food processor,
� Coffee maker,
� Kettle,
� Food mixer,
� Ironing board,
� Oven,
� Microwave oven.  

Motivation is provided with delightful graphics, animation and sound effects, suitable for all ages, and animated rewards with sound effects. Suitable for all ages.

User Preferences:
� Choose from 10 different background colors for the scenes.
� The left switch and right switches can be set to one of 7colors.
� �Menu� has two choices, Preferences and New Scene.
The option, New Scene, progresses to the next sequential or randomly generated scene.
The Preferences option has two parts. The first provides options to turn scenes on or off.
� Choose how many steps it will take for each scene to be completed.
� Pauses ranging from 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds can be chosen with visual & aural reminders turned on.
� A �time to remember� setting provides for users who take time to respond or attend, especially young children or for those who need to lift their head, look, think, then respond with their device.
� Settings or Preferences can be saved and loaded at any time for use by a particular user.

Access Options:
� 1 or 2 switches, or 2-switch alternate (i.e. for taking turns or introducing left/right concepts).
� Mouse switch or auto-run the serial switch program (it looks for an attached switch interface).
� Touchscreen
� IntelliKeys keyboard
� Concept Keyboard.

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP   Macintosh Classic

image of SwitchIt! At Home

image of SwitchIt! At Home

image of SwitchIt! At Home

image of SwitchIt! At Home

image of SwitchIt! At Home

1 User
5 Users