SwitchIt Opposites

Switch operated cause-and-effect game for users who require elementary concept development software
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SwitchIt! Opposites
Switch operated cause-and-effect game
It caters to young children and to users who require elementary concept development software. A delightful program, full of interesting features and wonderful animated sequences, it has some great features. Teachers and parents can offer this software to their children, confident that they will be entertained and introduced to the concept of “opposite”.

When you start SwitchIt! Opposites, the first animated screen banner invites you to play. You can work straight away using the default settings, or you move your mouse to the top of the screen to display, a ‘menu bar’. You can select one of five activities; big and little, up and down, hot and cold, in and out and open and closed. If you are teaching using COMPIC (or other pictograph libraries), all of the concepts can be related to real life situations at school, in the home and in the community. Simply click on the desired concept to start playing. The “menu” icon takes you to a screen where you customize the program.

Game Options for this exciting package include:
• Colors – you can choose a background color (from nine choices). The scan box color can be set as well (i.e. the target has a box outlining it, indicating that it is the current choice.
• Scanning – choose from mouse, double switch or single switch.
• Scan Speed – how fast the target moves.
• Scan Box Sound – you hear the target as it moves to each selection.
• Debounce – how quickly the activity will respond to the input, then re-act.
• Pre-acceptance Delay – the time between hitting the switch, clicking the mouse, or pressing on IntelliKeys and the software’s reaction to your input
• Serial Switches – select if you have a switch interface connected into the serial port.
• IntelliKeys – when you choose this option, an automated process sends an overlay to the IntelliKeys with the two switch ports on the board programmed, ready to accept switch input.
• Concepts – choose one of five concepts; select either “random” or “sequential” order.
• Activities – you set up the program so that the user can choose from two, three or 4 items. These can be chosen at random, in a sequence or have one set randomly. An error indicator can also be set.
• Text and Speech - you can elect to voice just the text, just the speech or have both active.
• OK - after setting all of the conditions, you are ready to play again. Alternatively, you can ‘Save’ the settings.
• Open/Save – you can save a setup by name (for individual users) and then open it at any time.
• Exit - this is where you quit and leave the program.

• Help switch users and young students to develop the language concepts of big/little, up/down, in/out, open/closed and hot/cold.
• Early scanning for 1 or 2 switches.
• Use your IntelliKeys to display flash cards, complete picture builds, and tell simple stories by touching the board or pressing an attached switch. The board will work as 1 or 2 switches.
• Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
• Touchscreen
• Switch Adapted Mouse

Targeted at the following age ranges:
• Early Childhood
• Early Primary
• Mid Primary

Foster development in the areas of:
• Switch use
• Switch timing
• Choosing with a switch

System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Pentium 90MHz, RAM - 16MB (Win95) or 32MB (Win 98 or ME), SVGA suggested, 4x CD ROM, sound card
Macintosh OS 7.5.5/OSX, Power Mac 7200/90, 11MB RAM, 256 colors suggested, 4x CD ROM

switch it opposites software

switch it opposites software

switch it opposites software

1 User
5 Users