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SwitchIt! Farm Extra

Develop thinking and language skills around farm animals, their young and where they live. Cow and calf, hen and chicken, plus many more to motivate your learners.  It also includes arable farming activities such as ploughing, sowing and picking apples.
Develop and demonstrate understanding of cause and effect and simple scanning activities through pressing a switch (or other input device) to build a scene. Animated rewards motivate success.

3 Engaging Activities:

12 little animations each based upon a simple theme such as lunchtime assistant. Each sequence has 5 steps, carefully chosen to maximize speaking and listening.

Picture Building
Build pictures and see them animate, or use the one-step option for basic cause and effect.

Flash Cards
Flip through a selection of large pictures that relate to the theme.

Options to configure:
� Choose how many steps it will take for each scene to be completed.
� You set the length of reward after each switch press.
� A new picture menu allows children & non-literate students to choose  which story or picture they would like to play from a selection chosen by the teacher or caregiver.

� 1 or 2 switches;
� a touchscreen;
� a mouse;
� an IntelliKeys keyboard; or
� a Concept Keyboard.

System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Macintosh OSX

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screen shot of SwitchIt! Farm
1 User
5 Users