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Touch Balloons
Develop eye-hand coordination skills by popping balloons as they float past

An extensive menu allows you to choose direction of travel - up, down, left, right or, a real challenge, random! For the real expert you can also change the speed of travel and the number of balloons. You can change the background.

Choose from a range of colors and sky effects or use your own pictures - have the balloons float across a picture of your school! The program has bold or pastel color choices which allow you to design activities that develop visual and tracking skills. Use the mouse, touchscreen or switch to burst the balloons.

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Targets the following age ranges:
� All ages

Fosters development in:
� Early Concepts
� Switch Use
� Cause-and-Effect
� Switch Timing

� 1 or 2 switches
�  mouse, trackball, or joystick;
� touchscreen
� keyboard

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

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1 User
5 Users