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A simple cause and effect switch program




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Step by Step
A simple cause and effect switch program

Designed to help develop visual perception skills, early switch techniques and language development. The images can be uncovered in a range of different ways, and a configurable number of steps. Superb realistic graphics, animations and sound effects make this cause and effect program suitable for all ages.

There are 22 different pictures, which can be revealed in stages by pressing a switch, clicking a mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard. If you have an IntelliKeys Classic Keyboard or IntelliKeys USB Keyboard, the Standard Arrows overlay can be used, and switches connected will operate correctly.

Each time the switch/key/mouse is pressed more of the image will be revealed. When the picture is fully revealed a musical animation will play. The music will continue until the switch/key/mouse is pressed again.

Targets the following age ranges:
� Early childhood
� Early elementary

Fosters development in:
� Early Concepts
� Switch Use
� Cause and Effect

� Single switch
� Mouse, trackball, or joystick
� IntelliKeys
� Keyboard

System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

1 User
5 Users