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Early Learning I: Learning Shapes

The Learning Shapes program familiarizes the student with up to 12 common shapes. When the student is using the keyboard, the teacher or parent should place the shapes overlay on the keyboard with the circle over the "1" key or the "X" key.

The lower levels allow the student to see the shapes displayed on the screen and to see the effects of pressing the labeled shape keys. On the higher levels, the student is asked to match the shape on the screen with a shape on the keyboard. At first a specific shape is shown, later the computer asks the student to pick it out from among several shapes.

When a correct answer is given, the program displays the answer at the bottom of the screen. If a wrong answer is given, the answer is shown on screen, the student is corrected and given another chance to answer. After a specified number of wrong answers is given, the student is shown the correct answer and allowed to try again.

Learning Shapes can be set to drill the student on any of 3 different sets of 4 shapes each or a set of either 8 or 12 shapes. Additionally, shape pictures can be substituted for the default shapes. This activity is for the student who has mastered the basic shapes and understands that, for example, an orange can be thought of as a circle even though it is not perfectly round.

Interface Options:
Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, IntelliKeys, and single- or dual-switch input.
Single- and dual-switch scanning are built-in (6 different ways), and special prompts allow blind students to use all levels of difficulty.

System Requirements
Win 98+  Mac 9.0.4+, OSX Native

Difficulty Levels:

Early Learning I: Learning Shapes

1 User
5 Users
  Level 1

� Displays the shapes in the range selected and pronounces their names.
� If the student selects the shape displayed, that shape is shown at the bottom of the screen and its name is spoken.
� Level 1 can be repeated up to 10 times.

Early Learning I: Learning Shapes

  Level 2

� Allows the student to experiment with the shapes displayed.
� When the student selects a shape, it is displayed at the bottom of the screen and the name of the shape is spoken.
Early Learning I: Learning Shapes

  Level 3

� Asks the student to match the shape on the screen to a key on the keyboard.
� When using the mouse or TouchWindow, the student simply clicks on the displayed shape.
� In the Yes/No mode, different shapes are flashed on screen for the student to choose.

Early Learning I: Learning Shapes
  Level 4

� Asks the student to pick out the shape from among several different shapes.
� The student selects the correct shape from the ones on the screen.

Early Learning I: Learning Shapes  
  Level 5

� Same as level 4, but the shapes appear in a random order.

Early Learning I: Learning Shapes