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Money Skills

5 activities that teach counting money and making change





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Money Skills

Money Skills 2.1 includes 5 activities that teach counting money and making change:
Teaches American, Canadian, European, British or Australian currency
Uses clear, realistic pictures of the money
Teacher can modify or replace the graphics used in the program.
Single and dual-switch scanning options on all difficulty levels.

Included Activities:

Coins and Bills Coins and Bills

�Teaches counting money by denomination. Students count the money and enter the correct amount.
� 18 levels of difficulty
� Introduces each coin or bill and teaches student how to count that denomination
� Early levels include a number key to help the student count

Counting Money Counting Money

�Students learn to count money of mixed denomination.
� 15 levels of difficulty
� Money can be presented on the screen either sorted or unsorted
� Alternating levels teach counting of two denominations or all denominations up to the current level

Making Change Making Change

� Students select enough money to match a given dollar amount. The student moves the correct amount of money from the left to the right using keyboard, mouse or scanning.
� Nine levels of difficulty
� Money can be presented on the screen either sorted or unsorted
� Alternating levels teach single or multiple denominations

Making Change How Much Change?

� An item to purchase is presented on screen, with enough money to buy it. The student selects enough money to buy the item, then calculates the correct change.
� 9 levels of difficulty
� Teacher can optionally have the change calculated automatically
� Can be set to only give bills, for teaching the "next highest bill" method

The Store The Store

� Teaches the value of money using a small store as a setting. � Students take money from a piggy bank in order to purchase the items they choose. Some items cannot be chosen until the student has saved enough money.
� 4 levels of difficulty
� Teacher selects how much money in the piggy bank and how much the student saves

Age Range
� 4 - 7
� Early Childhood
� Early Primary

Foster development in the areas of:
� Early Learning
� Early Math (Numeracy)

� 1 or 2 switches
� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� Use the mouse button or touch screen as a single switch (it doesn't matter where you point)
or for direct selection (by pointing where you want to select)
� Touchscreen
� Keyboard
� Intellikeys
� Special prompts allow blind students to use all levels of difficulty

System Requirements
MacOS 10.3.9 or later (Native OSX)
Windows XP or later

How Much Change?

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