` Single Switch Games 2

Single Switch Games 2

Games like you enjoyed as a kid for single switch users
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Single Switch Games 2
Your kids will love them.

� 14 games, including 4 two-player single switch games!
� All activities are controlled with a single switch.
� Each activity starts very simple and progresses to very challenging.
� 4 modes of play for students with multiple disabilities, including cause and effect and a special demo mode.
� Optional simple background mode uses bright colored shapes on plain dark backgrounds to make the activities easy to see.
� Top 10 screen shows the last 10 games played, so the player always sees their name in the top 10.

Win 98-XP  Mac OS 9, Power Mac

Some of the Included Games:

single switch maze screen shot Single Switch Maze

Can you find your way out of the maze before time runs out?
If you do, you get all the cheese, and you'll find another maze just a little bit harder than the last one.

marblehead image
Mr. Marblehead

Mr. Marblehead rolls through maze after maze of pipes, platforms, stairs, trap doors and other wacky devices.
You�ve got to help him avoid the pitfalls and make it safely to the end. Simple background mode shown here.

Switching Lanes and The Duel Switching Lanes and The Duel

You're cruising the highway in a high speed race against the clock.
The farther you travel, the faster you go and the harder it is to avoid crashing into other cars.
Switching Lanes (shown here) is for one player, and The Duel is for two single-switch users.

Scurry and Scurry Too Scurry and Scurry Too

Run back and forth across the screen while taking aim at bottles, plates and cans.
Lots of breaking glass really makes this game fun.
For one or two players.

Switch Invaders and Dual Switch Invaders Switch Invaders and Dual Switch Invaders

Strange and colorful aliens attack! Use your laser to fight them off, but be careful.
The more you destroy, the more come after you.
Now you've made them really mad!

A Frog's Life A Frog's Life

You're a frog and find yourself in a maze of bugs.
Be sure to eat them all before time runs out!
The mazes get harder as you progress.

Slingshot Gallery and Dueling Slingshots Slingshot Gallery and Dueling Slingshots

Can you hit a moving target?
Find out in this fun arcade simulation that will remind you of a day at the fair.
Get careless and you'll run out of ammunition.
Take it easy and you'll run out of time!
For one or two players.

Age Range
� 2 - Adult

Foster development in the areas of:
� Early Learning
� Switch use
� Cause-and-effect
� Switch timing

� 1 - 3 switches
� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� Use the mouse button or touch screen as a single switch (it doesn't matter where you point)
or for direct selection (by pointing where you want to select)
� Keyboard
� Special prompts allow blind students to use all levels of difficulty

System Requirements
MacOS 10.1 or later
Windows XP or later

screen shot single switch games 2

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