New Frog & Fly

4 activities help teach cause-and-effect, two switch step scanning, auto-scanning and reaction time

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New Frog & Fly
Simple, fun and inexpensive single-switch software

Based on the classic Apple II game from the early days of personal computing, New Frog and Fly is one of those programs that just keeps getting better. New Frog and Fly features bright color graphics with delightful animation and sometimes hilarious sound effects (I bet you didn't know that frogs could burp). Four switch training activities help teach cause-and-effect, two switch step scanning, auto-scanning and reaction time. A wonderfully entertaining and effective switch training program.


Feed the frog Feed the frog

This cause-and-effect activity shows the switch user how each switch press results in the frog catching the fly. Hit the switch and feed the frog. He never misses.

Feed the frog Trap the Fly 1 and 2

These two activities help teach linear scanning. First with no timing factor. One switch moves the highlight and the second activates the frog. Great for bridging the gap between cause-and-effect and scanning. And, second, a single switch auto scan activity featuring a scan delay ranging from 1/10th of a second to as many seconds as you wish.

Feed the frog Frog and Fly

You "old timers" may remember this old Apple IIe switch activity. Wait until the fly appears onscreen before pressing the switch. Each fly that's caught causes the next fly to move faster. Each missed fly causes the next fly to move slower. Great for training reaction time.

Configuration Options:
� Review the current scanning speed. Set a new scanning speed.
� Add a beep to scanning activities.
� Turn scoring on and off and personalize scoring with the student`s name.
� Adjust the froggy manners to increase, decrease or eliminate burps!
� All from this easy-to-use settings dialogue box.

System Requirements
Win XP or later
MacOS 10.1 or later

Cognitive age range:
� 1 - 3

Fosters development in:
� Switch use
� Cause-and-effect
� Switch timing
� Scanning with a switch

Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
Switch Adapted Mouse
1 -3 Switches

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1 User
5 Users