Switch Kids

3 cause and effect switch training activities

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Switch Kids

This collection of three cause and effect switch training activities includes funny sounds and faces, blowing bubblegum and build-a-kid. Delightful music and sound effects along with colorful graphics help students stay focused on the screen. A must for younger switch users.


 Funny Sounds and Faces Funny Sounds and Faces

Hold the switch down to play hilarious cartoon sounds as funny animated faces appear at random positions on the screen. Great for reinforcing eye contact.

Bubblegum Bubblegum

Press and release the switch to blow the bubble larger and larger until� POP!

Build-A-Kid Build-A-Kid

Start with a blank blue screen then press the switch to add parts to the kid.
The final switch press plays delightful original music from Michael Lande.

Switch Kids Settings
Pick your play friends in the Switch Kids settings dialogue box.
Choose Jason, Kathy, Carlos, Maria, Darrell, Shandra, all six or any combination.
Then watch them appear in each of the Switch Kids activities.

System Requirements
Win XP or later
Mac OS 10.1 or later
� For switch access, requires a switch interface and one switch

Cognitive age range:
� 1 - 3

Fosters development in:
� Switch use
� Cause-and-effect

Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
Switch Adapted Mouse
1 Switch
� Use the mouse button or touch screen as a single switch (it doesn't matter where you point)
or for direct selection (by pointing where you want to select)
� For switch access, requires a switch interface and one switch

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1 User
5 Users