Everybody Has Feet

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software with IntelliKeys overlays

Everybody Has Feet

"Everybody Has Feet" is fully accessible using the mouse, touchscreen, IntelliKeys keyboard (overlay files included), or switches. In "Sing-A-Long" mode this animated story features delightful music that can be controlled directly using a switch or the spacebar. In "Explore-A-Story" mode the story can be read aloud either word-by-word or line-by-line using the above access features.

Resource files that can be printed out for use in the classroom include a full color storybook with text or Picture Communication Symbols (PCS), a coloring book, a PCS communication display, and sheet music for the software's musical theme. PLUS... pop the CD into any audio CD player and listen to the story music.

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Cognitive age range:
� 2 and up

Fosters development in
� Literacy
� Music

Accessibility, Input Options

Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
1 - 2 switches
Switch Adapted Mouse
� Touchscreen
� Intellikeys
� Use the mouse button or touch screen
   as a single switch (it doesn't matter where you point)
   or for direct selection (by pointing where you want to select)
� For switch access, requires a switch interface and switch

System Requirements
Win XP, Vista
Mac 10.1+, OSX native
For switch access, requires a switch interface and switch

image of Everybody Has Feet

1 User
5 Users