Social Skill Builder Series






Understanding and using correct social language is imperative to be a good communicator. Social Skill Builder focuses on improving a child's understanding of social language. Often social language is overlooked and expected to be understood without any instruction. Social Skill Builder programs use real life videos of social situations in order to teach a child about the "rules" of social communication. These programs target several topics including understanding and identification of:
� Social emotions
� Appropriate social touch and body space
� Appropriate volumes for speech in different situations
� Complex cues in the social environment
� Appropriate language to use in different social settings
� Peer relationships
� Appropriate Classroom Behavior
� Rituals of Recess
� Lunchtime Interaction

The Social Skill Builder series is designed to facilitate learning with opportunities to pause and discuss information, to replay scenarios for greater recall and understanding, and several expansion exercises to carry over skills learned into everyday life.