The Birthday Party

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Program's Design
The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party CD, unlike any other product on the market, was developed for the teaching of social skills through its innovative use of interactive video sequences. Children on the screen act out social emotions, appropriate body space, and voice volume step by step to teach basic social understanding and behavioral skills. These lessons target children with a cognitive age of 4-8 years. Not currently available in Macintosh.

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP
Mac OSX or above
� 200 MHz or higher
� 600 Megabytes of available Hard Drive Space
� 4x CD-ROM drive
� 16 bit color monitor
� 800 x 600 Resolution or better Video card compatibility
� Mouse
image of The Birthday Party skill builder software

image of scores with The Birthday party social skill builder
Birthday Party