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Attention Teens

Grab your teen's attention with this morphing program
to assist with attending and anticipation.

.image of attention teens 
Attention Teens uses image morphing appropriate to older students.
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Attention Teens more delightful and exciting images and music to engage the older student. As the music plays, the images change into the unexpected. Students enjoy guessing the outcome. Attention Teens is especially great for building attending skills, anticipation and eliciting student comments.
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- Learn to control the learning experience by choosing to play a segment again or to play a new one
- Improve visual and auditory attention
- Increase independent work skills
Improve intentionality and control

Win ME/2000/XP
Mac OS8.1-9.2/OSX Classic

- Full color photos paired with music change into other photos keeping the student's attention
- Choice of Switch Up or Switch Down helps students learn to touch or release the switch to make something happen
- Short photo segments keep the student engaged and motivated
- Auditory and visual prompting help students learn when to press the switch or other access device