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Concepts on the Move 2: Advanced

This program gives students practice with the advanced concepts of functions, occupations, goes with, prepositions and categories. Give students practice matching and sorting these concepts with Print, Play and Learn activities (sold separately). Test the students' comprehension with Test Me, Score Me - Advanced Concepts (sold separately). Intellikeys overlay CD sold separately.

� Increase comprehension of advanced concepts
� Increase choice making skills
� Improve auditory comprehension and listening

� 5 concept groups: categories, occupations, functions, goes with and prepositions
� 9 examples of each concept
� Full color photographs illustrate the relationship between concepts
� Teacher's voice narrates each concept
� Text appears to reinforce emerging literacy skills
� Changeable presentation format gives you the choice of concepts to present
� Collect data to monitor student performance

Mac OS 8.1-9.2/OSX Classic

Link to Print, Play, & Learn off screen activities

image of concepts on the move advanced

image of concepts on the move advanced

image of concepts on the move advanced

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