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Puzzle Power - Fast Food & Sweets

Failure free learning, teaching mouse skills, thinking skills. practicing part-whole relationships, shape discrimination & problem solving

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Puzzle Power Fast Food & Sweets
Provides failure-free learning for students learning to work independently

Bundled with Clothes & Transportation and Zoo & School Days.

� gives students a chance to work and play at the same time
� teaches mouse skills while students develop thinking skills
� gives students practice with part-whole relationships, shape
� discrimination and problem solving
� provides age-appropriate leisure time activities, too
� Starts with just 2 pieces and progresses to 16 pieces.
� The pictures are large, clear and easily identifiable.

Links to Bundles:
Bundle 1: Zoo & School Days, Clothes & Transportation and Fast Foods & Sweets
Bundle 2: Fruits & Vegetables, Fall & Halloween and Occupations & Water Animals

4 different ways of solving puzzles enable all students to be successful:

Automatic Placement: one piece appears at a time. Just press the switch or access device and the piece automatically falls into the correct space. Great for the cause and effect learner.

Magnet Mouse: move the mouse cursor over a piece to pick it up. Move the piece over the puzzle until the piece falls into the correct space. Great for learning how to move the mouse cursor.

Click and Drag: press and hold the mouse button to pick up one of the pieces. Then drag the piece over the puzzle until it pops into place. Great for learning how to click and drag using a regular mouse.

Match Scan: one piece is shown. A high lighter shows a possible place in the puzzle. Press the device when the correct place is highlighted. Great for visual discrimination and shape matching.

� 2 themes per program
� 20 puzzles per theme
� 4 ways to solve each puzzle
� Choice of 2, 3, 4, 8 or 16 pieces

� Improve visual perception skills
� Improve matching skills
� Improve problem solving skills
� Increase vocabulary comprehension
� Learn to use a mouse

Minimum System Requirements:
Win 98/2000/XP, 64 MB RAM, color display, CD ROM, sound card & speaker
Mac OS 8.1-9.2/OSX Classic, color display, CD ROM
Intellikeys optional

Age range: All Ages

Designed to foster development in the areas of:
� Early concepts
� Literacy
� Switch use
� Choosing with a switch
� Mouse or touchscreen use
� Problem solving

� Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
� Single Switch
� IntelliKeys
� Touchscreen

image of fast food sweets

Fast Food
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