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Teach Me Nouns - Blends

Introduces vocabulary words and association with real life photographs, line drawings, and the printed word.

Teach Me Nouns Series is for students with articulation, sound production and speech production goals. The series has over 700 vocabulary words organized by target sound. Using morphing activity, these programs help students make the connection between a photograph, line drawing, symbol and text for each word. These Steps to Learning Programs give you the ability to select specific words for each student. Music, movement, morphing and narration engage and motivate the students to select the words at their own pace and as often as they wish. Using the powerful changeable format, you can place the target words in different location to ensure the students are making purposeful choices. You can also increase or decrease the number presented at one time to simplify or make the task more complex. As students choose the words over and over, they learn to hear the sound and often increase their ability to say the words. (Previous version was called Teach Me Phonemics) Intellikeys Overlay CDs and Test Me, Score Me assessment modules for Teach Me Nouns - Blends Program are sold separately.

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- 180 or more words per program with target sounds in specific positions: initial medial, final or beginning blends
- Full color photographs morph to Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols showing students a connection between the concrete and abstract representations
- Words on screen supports emerging literacy skills
- Changeable format for teaching choice making and access
- Collect data on choices and patterns of selection

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Teach Me Nouns - Blends

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- Increase vocabulary comprehension
- Improve articulation skills
Increase language expression

Teach Me Nouns - Blends
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