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Kaleidoscope 2

Sensory painting pre-K to second grade software for individuals with cognitive & developmental disabilities





Special Education

This sensory software contains over 100 creative painting activities for use with a mouse, touch screen, or other access/input devices. A kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, stamps, and styles are at users' fingertips. The results are so fantastic that kids and adults will be eager to print their works of art. Kaleidoscope 2 was designed especially for students from the pre-kindergarten to second grade level and for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Early Stimulation: Kaleidoscope and Quarter: Paint in one quarter of the screen and it appears in all.
Early Stimulation: 2-Way Symmetry: Create symmetrical paintings.
Early Painting: A great creative activity for developing fine motor skills.
Early Filling In: Select a color and click on an area to fill it in.
Early Filling In and Painting: You choose to fill in or paint.
Balls: Array your screen with colorful balls.
Copycat: Copy the color-scheme of a picture.
Jigsaws: Use bricks and other stamps to build fantastic jigsaw puzzles.
Lights, Stamps, and other topics: A series of topics to explore with your art.
Words: Click on a word and hear it spoken as you add it to the screen.

Brick walls, butterflies, and rays of color are just some of the tools available for building kaleidoscopic pictures. In addition to all the visual stimulation, users will be entertained by the beeps, gongs, burps, and chirps that accompany each layer of their paintings.

Win 95, Pentium

screen shot of Kaleidoscope 2

screen shot of Kaleidoscope 2

screen shot of Kaleidoscope 2

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