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Eye Track

Trains visual perception skills

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Eye Track
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Eye Track has 4 main activities covering all areas of visual perception including:
� Visual discrimination
� Visual memory
� Visual sequential memory
� Visual spatial relationships
� Visual form consistency
� Visual figure ground
� Visual closure

Students use visual information in a variety of ways to recognize, recall, discriminate, and make meaning of what they see. Difficulties with visual perception can affect a student's fine motor skills, especially for activities such as writing, completing puzzles, cutting with scissors, and daily activities. Eye Track is designed to support learners of all ages experiencing difficulty with visual perception.

Eye Track is ideal for the inclusive classroom, because activities are carefully differentiated and focused:

Keys - Develop visual discrimination and spatial orientation.
Cells - Improve visual figure ground skills.
Wanted Poster - Work on visual discrimination, visual memory and visual closure.
Cars - Develop visual memory and visual sequential memory.

Each activity has 5 levels of difficulty, which are set via teacher controls. Fun and motivational reward sequences encourage the user to persevere with the increasingly complex activities. Printable records show details of activities completed. Fun, simple and easy-to-use

Eye Track is an excellent resource for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or attention deficit disorders. Health Services agencies and Occupational Therapist will find this program invaluable for use with clients.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, P133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Sound card
Mac OSX compatible

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image of eye track

image of eye track

image of eye track

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