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Picture Builder

Picture Builder gives students using a switch access to the activities produced by Knockout and Reveal






Picture Builder
Special education, switch accessible

This package includes a wide range of grid-style activities. Knockout enables an array of pictures to be knocked out and then brought back with appropriate sound effects. Reveal allows a picture to be revealed, either completely or with a snaking option where only the last few areas can be seen. Flip It displays and can jumble up a picture by flipping rectangular areas. Slider lets you play sliding puzzle style games.

Load different effects and then choose one of the 15 images: chessboard, Manhattan, grid, shapes, lines, snake, wheel, confetti, dancing line, bars, rings, ovals, Xs, moving line, and wobble. A great program for students requiring visual stimulation.

Win 95, Pentium

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screen shot of Picture Builder

screen shot of Picture Builder

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