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Alphabet Track Software

Alphabet Track is a motivating CD that enables learning names & order of the alphabet by a range of games and activities.






Alphabet Track
Grades Kindergarten-2, Inclusion

Pre-school children can get a head start on the path to academic success by practicing with Alphabet Track, and older learners who may struggle with reading challenges such as dyslexia will also benefit from the motivating activities. Learners will finally get a solid grasp on their abc's with this first program of the literacy skill-building Track Series. In addition to helping students learn the names of letters and practice alphabetical order, this software helps improve short term memory as it asks students to recall alphabetic sequence. By learning to recognize and locate letters of the alphabet quickly and consistently, students of all levels will acquire more spelling independence and be on track for developing dictionary skills and other vital literacy skills.

With Alphabet Track, students move through 8 fun activities at their own pace. All the activities are switch-accessible and fully configurable to meet each student's individual needs. For example, students may decide to replace the program's built-in audio with their own voice reciting the alphabet and pronouncing each letter. The alphabet arc format used in each activity serves as an effective visual prompt to help students become more confident with their alphabetic knowledge.

� Order the alphabet-drag letters to their correct position in the arc. � Type the alphabet-type each letter in order after hearing it pronounced. � Match and identify-type the same letter you see shown on the screen. � Alphabet quiz-answer questions such as "What letter comes after g?" and "What is the vowel in sit?" by typing the correct letter. � See and remember-type the letter after it disappears from the screen. � Hear and remember-type the letter after it is spoken. � Spell the word-listen to a word and then spell it by dragging letter from the arc. � Alphabet battle -place letters in the correct order in the arc as they appear on the screen.

Teacher options:
� View records of student progress.
� Set preferred screen color, as well as the case and font of letters.
� Choose from three levels of difficulty.
� Turn activities on or off.
� Record the alphabet in your own voice or student's voice.

This program is ideal for "Reading First" programs, special education, and inclusion classes. The purchase of any single program in the "On Track" series can be applied later to the purchase of the entire "On Track" series.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95, Pentium 133 MH, 32 MB RAM, sound card.
Mac OSX compatible

screen shot alphabet track software

screen shot alphabet track software

screen shot alphabet track software

screen shot alphabet track software
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